Botanical Printing Workshops

A great passion of mine is sharing knowledge and skills through workshops.

I deliver one-on-one teaching and small group workshops.

The goal of the workshops is to teach students how to use ethically sourced botanical materials and textiles to create lasting naturally dyed and printed works. Students learn to create textile designs that do not compromise the integrity or quality of the fabrics and create colours and prints that last the lifetime of the cloth. The workshops give learners the ability to keep experimenting and developing their own practice.

Natural Dyeing & Printing Services

I love taking beautiful quality fabrics and creating art on them, to wear or display. The diversity of processes and outcomes never ceases to amaze me. I am always seeking to improve the sustainability and quality of the final product. I want my fabrics and clothes to be loved and worn for decades.

Each piece is unique in time and place because there are so many variables; the season of collection, the amount of sun on a particular leaf, water quality and then, of course, the textiles themselves.

I love making memorial pieces for people, a record of a special garden or natural environment, Nanna’s garden, a beloved home or the location of a special event, a wedding or a family holiday.