Leaf & Lichen



Natural Dyeing and Botanical Printing

My name is Wendy Hardman and I live on beautiful Mount Chincogan in the Byron Bay Hinterlands. Leaf & Lichen is my passion project.

Natural dyeing and botanical printing allow me to bring my deep connection with the natural environment into my work. The harvesting and foraging before a print or dye session are critical to my emotional and creative wellbeing. I find great inspiration for colour, texture, and patterns in the botanical diversity of the hinterlands. The connection to forests, gardens, trees, flowers, leaves, and lichens fills me with energy and creative focus for the day.

With Leaf & Lichen, I use locally sourced botanicals to create natural textile dyes and botanical prints. Each piece is a unique record of a moment in time and nature, I can replicate the process but nature takes her own course and makes her own unique mark. My purpose is to bring colour and design to beautiful textiles without compromising the quality of the fabric or colourfast properties of the dyes and prints.


Leaf & Lichen acknowledges the country, culture and traditional custodians of the land upon which we walk, work and live.